Jun 27, 2022 • 46M

Podcast: Colin Burnett

In this special episode I talk with film historian Colin Burnett about his research on James Bond and seriality

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Ondřej Pavlík
Rozhovory s osobnostmi (nejen) české filmové kritiky, kinematografie a médií.
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This is only the second episode of my podcast series and it is already a special one. But I couldn’t pass on the opportunity. Colin Burnett, associate professor of film and media studies at Washington University, just visited our department with his week-long course called Serial Bonds on - you guessed it - James Bond and seriality.

Colin is an outstanding teacher and it was thrilling to see him explain how the Bond franchise, in his words, “pulls us in and pulls us along”. I simply thought it would be great if others got to hear his thoughts on this as well.

We recorded this episode during the student conference in Telč where we had more time to chat, go on a short hike and have a few beers. Besides discussing James Bond, we also touched on other related topics: the challenge of incorporating meaning into the study of aesthetics or the serial nature of some art films.

Be sure to check out Colin’s blog Moving Patterns where he writes not only about his current research projects, but other film & media-related stuff as well. You can also download (for free!) the electronic version of his book on Robert Bresson while you’re there.

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